MINI ISLAND Off-grid Inverter 800 W to 16 kW - built-in PWM or MPPT Solar Charge Controller


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MINI-ISLAND Off-grid Inverter




The MINI-ISLAND Off-grid Inverter has the combined functions of a Solar Inverter, a DC Solar Charger, an AC Battery Charger. It offers comprehensive power support in a compact slim wall mounted unit. The Solar Charge Controller is available with PWM or MPPT technology.


It has a detailed and clear LCD displaythat allows the user to configure, program and operate the inverter. The user can give priority to powering the AC loads/consumers or to charging the battery from PV modules from a generator or the grid. The acceptable input voltage is regulated according to the needs of the application.


The MINI-ISLAND Off-grid Inverter produces pure sine wave AC electricity in the same way as the grid, thus powering stand-alone and backup power demands. With transfer switch times of 20ms/10ms, it supports general home appliances and sensitive computer electronics. In addition, high surge demands that occuring in motor type pumps is catered for.


The built-in PWM battery charger charges at as much as 50A. An MPPT solar charger provides up to 60 ampere. The AC charger charges at a maximum of 20A.


The MINI-ISLAND is able to utilize the sun's energy to charge a battery during the daytime and can convert AC power from the grid during the night. It is suitable for PV module arrays outputting a maximum of 105 Voc and more when connected in parallel. To expand the number of modules in an array, the modules can be externally connected in parallel strings.


The smart battery charger works in multiple stages to perform the quickest re-charging while prolonging the battery's useful lifetime.



  • MINI-ISLAND Off-grid Solar Inverters are available with outputs from 800 Watt to 4 kW
  • Parallel stacking up to 16 kW single phase
  • including a 50 A Solar Charge Controller and a configurable 20A AC charger
  • Priority of source selection via LCD panel
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Selectable input voltage range for appliances and personal computers
  • Battery charging current adjustable according to application
  • max. Voc 105 Vdc
  • Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
  • Auto re-start as AC recovers
  • Overload and short circuit protected
  • Smart battery SCC design - optimized battery performance
  • Cold start


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Hybrid MULTI-Grid Island System


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                                                        FEATURE: BI-DIRECTIONAL GRID CONNECTION           


MULTI-GRID ISLAND off-grid inverter + grid-tie


This system takes power from PV modules AND/OR the power grid/generator  


feeds solar power to loads/consumers, batteries AND the grid (FIT).

The system includes a bi-directional DC-AC inverter, an on-board MPPT solar charge controller and optional photovoltaic-thermal (PV-T) modules and power storage.

Various software and communucation accessories are available to meet all your needs.

The PV-T modules and electricity storage unit must be specified and ordered according to the application requirements


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GRID-Star Solar Inverter 1 ~ 10 kW

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GRID-Star, grid-tie inverters have a completely new and simple electronics design topography. With a wide DC input voltage range 600 / 1000 volt, this modern grid inverter has a modular design and is therefore very service-friendly. The AC output of this product ranges from 1500 Watt to 10 kW.


Back-up Power Storage

Specially selected deep-cycle batteryfor solar applications from 100 ampere in 12, 24 of 48 volt solutions. Tested for long-life under extreme service condtions.